Black Variety
Black Variety.....      
Standard of Perfection


Male & Female.....The quill and surface of every feather in all sections of
the plumage, over the entire body, pure black.

The head, hackle, back, saddle, sickles and wing bows of the male should
have a rich beetle green sheen.

The female should also show some brilliance of feather in the head,
hackle, back, cushion and wing bows.

Under-color :  Dull Slate

Shank and Toe Feathers....Black

Shanks and Toes--  Shanks and toes light to mid-slate, showing pink
between the scales.  Bottoms of feet pinkish white.

Shanks and Toes-- Dark slate, bottoms of feet pinkish white.
PHOTOS of Black Marans (E/E) :
3rd Best Overall Black Pullet
2011 Newnan "Cherie",
owned by Bev Robertson
"The extended black allele adds black pigment to the scales of a bird and the birchen allele
(usually) does not add black pigment to the scales.  Birchen chicks (that do not carry
dermal melanin) should have white shanks and feet while birds that carry extended black
will have dark shanks at hatch (that is if it does not carry barring or mottling).
The beaks (upper bill), on extended black chicks also have much more black in them.  
Birchen birds have black which extends to the nostrils and stops.  Extended black chicks
have black that goes past the nostrils.  They will have a black upper bill or a black upper bill
with a yellow tip."                    - Tim Adkerson
Note on the above excerpt from genetics discussion on the MCC Yahoo
Group:  the Black Copper variety is birchen at the extension locus (aka "e
Locus") - not to be confused with the variety called "Birchen", which is also
a birchen at the e locus, but carries silver (S) where a Black Copper would
carry gold (s-) in addition to being birchen at the extension locus.
Photos demonstrating the minor differences in chick down (below)- black chick on left &
black copper chick on right - photos courtesy of H and H Poultry and Marans Unlimited.
Black Marans Chick
Juvenile Black Marans Chicks