Club Constitution and Bylaws
Ratified by the Board of Directors on May 28, 2009


Article I – Name

This organization shall be known as the Marans Chicken Club USA.

Article II – Purpose

The purpose of this club is to encourage the continued improvement of Marans through breeding for quality
birds, exhibition and education. The club will also promote the breeding of birds that will produce the darkest
eggs possible and will sponsor egg shows wherever possible. The club will promote breeding as closely to the
French Marans standard as possible.

Article III – Membership

Any person or organization with a sincere interest in the purpose of the Marans Chicken Club USA may become
a member upon payment of the annual dues. The club shall not deny membership based on race, religion,
gender or political affiliation. No member shall receive payment for services rendered to the club. A member
may be expelled by a majority vote of the board of directors for acts deemed harmful to the Marans breed
and/or the club.

Article IV – Dues

Annual dues shall be set by the board of directors and shall be payable on January 1st for each calendar year.

Article V – Organization

Section 1.
The board of directors shall be comprised of the officers and regional directors. They shall consist of
the following:

* President
* Vice President – Public Relations/Education
* Vice President – Poultry Shows
* Vice President – Egg Shows

( Note: The 1st Vice President shall be elected by the board of directors from the three elected Vice Presidents.)

* Secretary
* Treasurer
* Six Regional Directors

Note: Each Regional Director shall represent ten states. (See map)

Section 2. The board of directors shall be elected to two year terms by the membership in a secret ballot
election. Any member of the board of directors can be a candidate for re-election.

Section 3. Vacancies on the board of directors shall be filled by the board of directors until the next elections.

Section 4. Elections shall be held in even numbered years and during the month of November. The newly
elected board of directors shall take office January 1. Out going officers shall turn over all club property to
their successor by January 1.

Section 5. Founding officers for the club shall be appointed by the club’s founding members, and will serve
until elections are held.

Article VI – Regions

Section 1.
The United States shall be divided into six regions each having a regional director elected by the
members in that region. They shall serve as members of the board of directors of the club.

Section 2. The board of directors by majority vote may increase, decrease or rearrange the number of regions
as they deem necessary.

Section 3. Citizens of the U.S.A. and legal residents of the U.S.A. are eligible for club membership.

Article VII - Rule of Governance

The club shall use Roberts’ Rules of Order in the carrying out of all meetings and club business.

Article VIII – Dissolution of the Club

In the event of the dissolution of the club, all club assets will be turned over to the APA and/or other non-profit
organizations of like kind. The exact distribution of assets shall be determined by majority vote of the board.


Article I – President

The president shall assume the duties of chairman of the board of directors. He or she shall be responsible for
the execution of the constitution & bylaws and shall receive and process all proposals for their action. The
president shall preside at all meetings, call special meetings if requested by the majority of the board and
appoint an election commissioner and committee for the biennial election – with the approval of the board. He
or she shall endeavor to see that all board members and committee chairs properly discharge their duties, take
an active part in club business and activities as deemed necessary for the betterment of the club. The president
shall have access to all monetary accounts of the club.

Article II – Vice President(s)

Section 1.
The 1st vice president shall be elected by the board of directors from the three vice presidents elected by the
membership. He or she shall assist the president with their duties and conduct club meetings at the president’s
request or absence.

Section 2.

 A vice president will serve as the club’s public relations/education chair and direct said club activities.
b)  A vice president will serve as the club’s poultry show chair and direct said club activities.
c)  A vice president will serve as the club’s egg show chair and direct said club activities.

Article III- Secretary

The secretary shall take minutes at meetings of the board of directors and of the club. They shall provide a
typed copy of said minutes to the board of directors within ten days following the meeting. They shall conduct
club correspondence on behalf of the club. They shall process all requests for special meets at the poultry
shows to ensure the completion of the proper paper work, reports and awards. They shall prepare an annual
report for the club’s annual meet. They shall surrender all files, monies and other club property to the new club
secretary at the expiration of their term in office.

Article IV-Treasurer

The treasurer shall collect and receive all monies due the club, pay club fees and bills and keep an accurate
record of all transactions. They shall prepare a monthly financial report and provide a typed copy for all board
members. In addition they shall process all membership applications and provide the board with a proper
membership roster. The treasurer shall prepare an annual report for the annual meeting of the club. They shall
surrender all files, monies and other club property to the new club treasurer at the expiration or termination of
their term of office . For the protection of the club they shall be bonded annually.

Article V-Regional Directors

The regional directors shall be responsible for actively promoting the club and it’s activities, including the
placing of annual regional, state and special meets within their regions. They shall also represent the club and
assist in planning and carrying out details for the national meet when held in their region. Each regional director
shall serve as an officer on the board of directors, have a vote in determining club policy, assist with
coordinating club meets within their region and take an active part in the recruitment of new members.

Article VI-Board of Directors

The board of directors shall control the affairs of the club at all times and remove from office any officer, upon
majority vote of the board, for misconduct or failure to adequately perform the duties of his or her office.

Article VII-Election Commissioner & Committee

The election commissioner & committee shall be elected by the board of directors by August 1st prior to
biennial elections in even numbered years. They shall conduct a secret ballot election for all offices up for
election. The committee shall tally the ballots and forward the results to the club secretary. Following the
results of the elections the ballots shall be sealed and turned over to the club secretary. The sealed ballots
must be kept for a period of no less than 90 days in the event there is a challenge to the results.

Article VIII-Club Meetings

An annual meeting shall take place each year in conjunction with the national meet when ever feasible.

Article IX – Election of Officers

Any paid member in good standing may send in a nomination for candidates for the various offices. All
nominees must be members of the Marans Chicken Club USA at the time of nomination. Officers shall be
elected every two years by means of a mail in ballot sent to each member, or an e-ballot. Such ballots shall be
mailed by the election commissioner. All ballots must be marked and returned within ten days after receipt of
the same directly to the election commissioner. The election shall be completed and the new officers declared
by mid December and the new officers shall assume office on January 1st.

Article X – Club Meets

The Marans Chicken Club USA shall hold an annual national meet to be set by the board of directors. Site of the
national meet shall be determined by a majority vote of the board of directors. The placing of the annual district
meet shall be the prerogative of the regional director, who shall assume responsibility for its planning and
execution and who shall coordinate these activities with the vice president in charge of poultry shows and the
club secretary.
The regional director shall be responsible for a detailed report of results and awards to be sent to the secretary
promptly at the termination of the meet. Annual state meets and special meets shall be placed by the regional
director at the request of any member and coordinated with the secretary . Members requesting such meets
shall assume the responsibilities as outlined for regional directors if the director is not in attendance.

Article XI- Interpretation

In all cases of dispute arising from interpretation of the Constitution & Bylaws of the Marans Chicken Club-USA,
and on all other matters not covered herein, a majority vote of the board of directors shall decide the issue.
Such decisions shall be declared final.

Article XII-Amendments

Any proposal to amend or alter the Constitution & Bylaws of the Marans Chicken Club-USA shall be submitted
to the secretary in writing. He or she will in turn notify the president and submit the proposal to the board of
directors who will decide by majority vote whether to place the proposal before the membership for a vote.

Proposals passed favorably by the board of directors shall be included on the ballot with the biennial election of
officers to be voted upon by the membership at large. If adopted by a two thirds vote of the voting members the
amendment shall be made effective on January 1st following the election. The new amendment shall be mailed
to each member as a supplemental to the constitution & bylaws of the club.

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