All new members and all members renewing their membership will receive a Welcome Packet....

This packet will consist of:

1. A signed welcome letter from our MCCUSA President.

2. An informational brochure which gives a brief breed history and a very nice detailed description of the
breed along with diagrams of a Marans male and female and links for the websites and forum.

3. A brief insert on how to enter egg shows and one egg shade card.

4. A numbered membership card with the member’s name to use for recognition at shows.....with the
expiration date of membership.  A new card will be issued at time of renewal for future years.

Members also receive :

Voting Privileges

Eligibility to hold Club Offices

Invitation to the Club's Private Yahoo Group for Paid Members Only

Eligibility to win prizes for BOB at an APA Sanctioned Show, cash at the Annual show, cash prizes and/or
ribbons at Egg Shows


Club Membership fees are due January 1st .....use the paypal "Buy Now" buttons below.......

Single Membership :  $15

Junior Membership:    $5  .....Junior membership does not have voting rights


Please mail your membership dues in the form of a money order or personal check to:

Marans Chicken Club USA
C/O April Howington
PO Box 1432
Burnet, Texas 78611

If you would like to pay by PayPal please make sure that you include your personal information so we will
know who you are paying for. Also please incude a phone number in case we need to contact you.

The  MCCUSA PayPal address is as follows:

Marans Chicken Club Breed Points for Sanctioned Marans Meets:

Point Spread for APA shows holding sanctioned Marans Meets:

1 point Reserve of Variety
2 points Best of Variety
3 points Reserve of Breed
4 points Best of Breed
5 points Reserve Continental
6 points Best Continental
7 points Reserve Champion Large Fowl
8 points Champion Large Fowl
9 points Reserve Best in Show
10 points Grand Champion or Best in Show

Only Marans Chicken Club members are eligible for points. You will receive points for the highest place you
earn in an APA show.  For example, if your bird wins Best of Breed and then is also awarded Best of
Continental, the bird gets 6 points for Best of Continental.  If a bird wins Best in Show, it is awarded 10
points total.  

Junior Show Exhibitors points will be kept on a separate record from Open Exhibitors. If a Junior Exhibitor
exhibits birds in the Open class, the points will be kept on the Open Exhibitor list.  Junior Exhibitors also
need to be members to be eligible for MCC points.

Only approved varieties are eligible for points in the Accepted Varieties category for the Marans Chicken
Club. At this time it would include Black Copper, Wheaten, and White varieties.

Non-approved variety winners can earn 1 or 2 points for Reserve or Best of Variety. The non-approved color
varieties will be kept on a separate record than the approved variety record and will be considered (any
other variety).

A Show Report will be used for show records, and the regional representative will send Show Reports to the
MCC Show Chairperson within 2 weeks after the show. The Show Report form has a place to indicate what
type of Marans meet was held.

If Marans are shown in the Junior class.....please use a separate Show Report, and indicate Junior Show

Show Report forms may be found on the MCCUSA Forum , so any member of the club can fill out the show
form in the event there is not a MCC regional representative attending the show. That member should send
the show result form to the MCC Show Chairperson.

Each region may hold (one) STATE meet, for each state within that region. The Regional Representative is
NOT required to
attend all state meets. However, the Regional Representative will need to approve all MCCUSA meets.

Any current MCCUSA club member may represent the club in his/her state with the Regional
Representatives' approval.

It would be unfair for the Regions that have much fewer APA shows and fewer Marans breeders, to be
required to show 25 or more Marans by 3 exhibitors at all the number required at State meets, is
10 or more Marans , by 2 exhibitors.

The Annual National, and the Regional (District) meets, will require at least 25 Marans with 3 exhibitors to
earn points towards the MCCUSA end of the year awards.

Each District Representative may schedule an unlimited number of Special Meets per region, and points will
also be awarded for those Special meets.  There will be no minimum number for Marans shown or Exhibitors
at Special Meets.

When a MCC member earns 100 points in the Breed Show points, they will be given the title of Master

If the MCC member earns 100 points in the Breed points, as well as 100 points in the Marans Egg Show
points, they will be given the title of Master Breeder.

The points toward Master Exhibitor and Master Breeder will accumulate from year to year, as long as the
membership remains current.

Members have until January 31st to pay for the next year's membership.

Note:  All Regional Representatives need to verify membership before awarding Prizes/Ribbons at
sanctioned shows.