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A Breeders Top Six

The six things to focus on to build an excellent breeding program by Beverly Robertson


Type. Above all a breeder is using the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection as the guidebook.

Egg Color. Breed Marans that can lay a 4 or better on the MCCUSA Egg Shade Chart and breed for rounder eggs.

Selective hatching. Hatch only the darkest eggs each breeding season to increase egg color in future generations.

Balance. Focus on breeding a well-balanced bird with a correct topline and a 45-degree tailset.

Cull. Remove birds from your flock that don't closely represent the SOP.

Grow. You have to raise a lot of cockerels to pick the "Top Dogs" to use in your breeding program. Slow maturing cockerels are often the best ones in our experience!


MCCUSA Marans Standards & Proposed Standards



Approved Varieties                                                                  Varieties in Progress

Black Copper                                                                                  Birchen

Wheaten                                                                                          Black Silver

White                                                                                                Black Silver


                                                                                                            Blue Copper

Varieties with Qualifying Legs                                          Blue Wheaten

 Black                                                                                                 Columbian






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