Marans Chicken Club USA

The Marans Chicken Club USA (MCCUSA) actively promotes the breeding and development of eggs are highly prized in France from which the breed originated.


The MCCUSA club is actively seeking APA recognition for the Marans breed and believes highly educated club members and continuous exposure of the breed to poultry fanciers is critical to successfully meeting this goal.


The MCCUSA club will actively promote and organize egg shows.  Egg Shows are Open Invitation events. All Marans breeders are invited to participate in the event and are encouraged to exhibit their eggs.


Marans egg entries are classified and separated by variety i.e. Black Copper, Blue, Cuckoo, etc. Also, each entry consists of a total of three eggs. Participants are not limited by the number of entries they wish to submit and are encouraged to have multiple varieties. Egg shows are always a popular event at poultry shows and are openly displayed to the public.


Typically, entries are judged by a certified PBA or ABA judge and scored on the following characteristics: Shell Color, Shape, Texture and Uniformity.  Marans are known for their unique ability to lay dark russet colored eggs therefore, egg shell color scoring is heavily weighted. Darker eggs are awarded more points.  At a minimum Marans eggs have to score at least a 4 on the shade color card or else they are not considered Marans eggs.


Poultry fanciers and persons with a few Marans in their backyard are encouraged to compete in egg shows.  If you are unable to attend, but wish to participate you can do so by mailing egg entries to the MCCUSA Director or the appointed member running the egg show.



for MCCUSA Club Members


1st Overall 4 points

2nd Overall 3 points

3rd Overall 2 points


People’s Choice 1 point


When a member reaches 100 points, they become a Master Dark Egg Exhibitor.


Egg Show results need to be posted on the forum and a copy emailed to the Egg Show Chairperson . Please send Egg Show results within 2 weeks to :

Beverly Robertson

3720 FM 1980

Marble Falls, TX  78654


Monies should be sent to the MCC Treasurer in a timely fashion (within 2 weeks).


Please send Egg score cards, monies and a copy of the Egg Show Results to:

Karen Roper Perry

PO Box 848

Newland, NC 28657


Accurately judge the depth of color and shape of your Marans eggs using the MCCUSA Shade & Shape Card that mirrors the standard of the French Marans Club. Get two cards for $5.00.



Upcoming MCCUSA Egg Shows


Four         Nov 4        Canadian Valley Poultry Club, MCCUSA National Show

Two          Dec 2         Dixie Classic, Knoxville, TN


Marans Chicken Club USA

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