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Did you know?

The American Poultry Association recognized the Black Copper Marans in April 2011 at Newnan, GA, joining the other fine fowl of the Continental Class. The Wheaten variety was recognized by the APA in January 2011, and the White variety was recognized by the APA in January 2014.

Other Varieties of Marans



The MCCUSA recognizes that many breeders are working on fantastic colors and strains of Marans throughout the MCCUSA today, but there is no way for the website to list all current member projects.


This final section is devoted to other Marans Varieties in which:

  • at least five MCCUSA breeders as good standing members of the APA 4+ years are diligently working on for qualification into the APA;
  • those varieties with egg color consistently a four or higher on the scale;
  •  type is representative of the Marans breed across  the five breeders programs working on the variety through regular hatches;
  • and the new variety is set in order to move into the qualification process.


Please remember that current APA rulings will only allow the Club to submit paperwork for currently accepted colors in the American Poultry Standard of Perfection other than the established colors regarding breed origination. Club resources will be spent pursuing recognized color varieties that fit into the APA designations for variety acceptance.


Marans Chicken Club USA

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