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Bev Davis, President and MCCUSA Historian

She fell in love with the breed while living in England, poured her heart into developing the breed here in the USA, and Bev continues a twenty-five year old love affair with the Marans breed today. Hatching only to replace her aging stock in the beginning, the excitement of egg color improving, as a result of those early breeding’s, sparked a life-long adventure, which led her to start the Marans Chicken Club USA nine year ago. Egg color served as the spring board to developing different color varieties of Marans, and the development of the blue wheaten was just the beginning for Bev. Soon after, the MCCUSA members would learn about the Blue Copper, Birchen, Black and Blue Marans because of a careful eye and plan that would allow young children to earn awards for their Marans at local, county, and state fairs throughout the nation. When not tending to young hatchlings, escaping from the pesky alligator in the pond that wants an afternoon snack, or putting more dark eggs into the incubator, Bev can be found working on the development of the golden salmon, silver salmon, golden crele, silver crele, Columbian, coronation and Isabella varieties of the breed, intent on adding more color and excitement to the APA in the near future.


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Fernando del Aguila, Jr. - VP Poultry Shows

Though he was born in Lima, Peru, Fernando had never seen a blue chicken egg until five years ago. Having moved to the USA as a toddler of one, he didn’t know much about the world of poultry aside from the happenings of the commercial poultry industry prevalent in his region. A cardiovascular nurse, Fernando and his wife, Elena, have five children, four dogs and lots of chickens running about. After Elena was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus, the family made a latitudinal shift and began the slower adventures found with raising poultry. Mutual interests led them into exhibition circles and a passion for breeding Marans representing the SOP. In love with the rarity of the breed and the stunning dark eggs, Fernando and Elena currently raise Black Copper Marans and Rhode Island Reds. Passionate about the Hobby, they plan to add a few new varieties to their breeding programs this year while actively showing, helping to educate others about this fine breed, and to work with other MCCUSA fanciers throughout the nation.


Contact Fernando: 706.614.5010

Beverly Robertson - VP Egg Shows

It is fitting that the hunt for those beautiful egg layers seven years ago returns Beverly to the VP’s seat of the MCCUSA Egg Shows. She has been raising and showing Marans in the beautiful Texas Hill Country since 2010. Along with her sister, Sandy Siegfried, Bev regularly competes in poultry shows all over the Lone Star State and Oklahoma. The birds at Marans Unlimited, however, are well traveled, having enjoyed show grounds in Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee. In fact, it was encounters at the shows with excited juniors new to the breed that inspired Bev’s commitment to getting quality Marans into the hands of our junior members in Texas and Oklahoma, whether with hatching eggs, chicks or young pullets.


Bev loves working in their pens of Black Coppers, Blue Coppers, Wheaten and Blue Wheaten Marans throughout the year, and she is excited with the progress being made with the Black, Blue, Birchen and Splash varieties at Marans Unlimited. Passionate about the Club and exhibition projects, Bev loves helping other members throughout the nation hold their own egg shows at sanctioned events and enjoys tracking the accomplishment of our membership, tallying points after each of their wins are published.


Contact Beverly:   512.755.2339

Elena del Aguila  - Secretary

Raised in a metro Atlanta suburb, her first experience with chickens came when her dad decided to build a coop and bring home a mixed flock of hens and a cock bird. She was drawn to the ones that laid eggs that were not like those that could be purchased in the stores. Fast forward SEVERAL years later and she is still drawn to the eggs that can't be purchased in stores. Armed with a magazine ad, it didn't take long for her to start working on obtaining a flock of dark egg laying black Copper Marans. Fortunately she found some guidance that led her to the MCCUSA, and with her husband Fernando, is now raising and showing black Copper, white, black, birchen and blue copper Marans across the US.





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Karen Perry  - Treasurer

The paths in which the MCCUSA officers joined the Hobby are varied, and Karen’s tale adds a great chapter to our history book. Raised in Central Florida, she was familiar with the daily work of  a citrus farm and breaking yearlings alongside her rancher father raising and showing Quarter Horses and Appaloosas. Today Karen calls the majestic mountains of western North Carolina home, and has spent the past 35 years raising four children homeschooling four fantastic children chasing them from soccer field to basketball court, softball pitch, and dance classes. Getting back to her roots in animal husbandry, Karen decided raising poultry would be the perfect complement to her days. Raising Marans since 2014, she is working with a fine flock of Wheatens and will play an important role in bringing the Birchen variety to the Standard in future years. Excited to serve as the MCCUSA secretary, Karen is thrilled to be working with one of the greatest groups of people she has ever met and looks forward to the promotion of this awesome breed alongside many of her great friends who share this common passion.



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Casey L. Carter, Youth Director

Teaching voice, opera and diction, Post-Colonial Judaism and Hebrew Bible on several college and university campuses in the Metroplex today, Casey was voted "Most Likely NEVER to Farm or Ranch Again!" by his high school class as he escaped very rural America 20 plus years ago. Professor by day, Cantor and opera singer by night, and chicken wrangler every free minute at Cacklefruit Farms, Casey raises Marans and show quality poultry in the heart of Dallas, Texas', 1.28 million residents. Passionate about the skills, scholarship and opportunities thirteen years he acquired as a 4-Her, he is excited to be part of the foundational efforts of the MCCUSA in developing our Junior programs so urban and rural youth can become involved in the Fancy, earning recognition as both fierce competitors in the Junior Showmanship  and Junior Exhibition Poultry rings, and promoting the importance and understanding that an investment of quality Marans stock by our membership into the hands of Juniors will cement the breed into the future of the sport while raising up youth committed to continuing the excellent work and breeding established by the Club, our esteemed mentors, and members.



Contact:  972.822.6611

Shannon Rowe, Technical & Digital Resource Director











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Denise Jones, Region 2 Director

Blame it on her skills as a nurse but when Denise’s oldest daughter wanted to start of blue egg laying chicken flock in 2014, she came across a breed of chicken reported to lay a dark chocolate colored egg. The more she read about the breed she knew they had to have some, so she and her husband purchased a trio from a local breeder – a black copper cock over black copper and blue copper hens. Denise soon joined the MCCUSA, and they breed several varieties today entering them in shows along with those beautiful eggs today. Now a retired cardiology nurse, that simple backyard flock has grown to include BCM’s, Blue Coppers, Blacks, Blues, Wheatens and Blue Wheatens along with several other breeds aside her important work as wife, mother and grandmother. With the goal of furthering the breed to meet the required Standard, Denise is set upon producing the darkest eggs imaginable while educating and mentoring others in the breed as her mentors and breed colleagues have done for her over these years.


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Sandy Hall Siegfried, Region 4 Director

After a year traveling to poultry shows with her sister in 2011, Sandy decided it was time to get some of these wonderful Marans that she could call her own in 2012. Her passion for the hobby soon caught on, and she joined the MCCUSA and APA the following year. Calling the blue bonnet clad hills of the Texas Hill Country home, Sandy and Beverly are both familiar faces at the poultry shows throughout the state and amazing competitors and colleagues to everyone in the Fancy. Sandy is the first to welcome a new MCCUSA member at the show site, and is excited to be a part of the expansion of the club and wonderful breed in both the show ring and backyard flocks. An MCCUSA officer for over three years, she is excited to play a part in the continual growth of the Marans breed here in the USA and Canada and looks forward to her continued support of the membership in any way possible.




Contact Sandy:  830.385.6319

Brian Parks, Region 5 Director

Twenty years ago as a college student in Corvallis, Oregon, Brian Parks didn’t know that the beginnings of a chicken habit would be part of the rich history of backyard poultry keeping, thriving in large towns and metropolitan areas across the country today. Fortunate enough to make his home in a city that allowed poultry, Brian added Marans to his flock nine years ago. The addition of the dark egg layers stirred up his passion for the hobby, and a competitive breeder emerged onto the backyard poultry scene as a result. Long attracted to the beautiful egg color of the Marans, today Brian is more interested in helping to improve the overall breed type and consistency of the breed in the Pacific Northwest, while maintaining and enriching the egg color that began his journey with the breed. Happily tending his small farm, Frasier Creek, Brian continues to breed excellent poultry, in addition to owning a farm-direct restaurant, Bellhop, located in Corvallis.




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