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Marans Myths in the Show Coop

Rip Stalvey


1. You can show clean legged Marans as English variety.

No.  The APA has recognized only feather legged Marans.  Marans with clean legs would be disqualified.  I see Marans with feathered legs often called French Marans; here in the U.S. they are recognized as Marans and there is nothing in the standard referring to French or English varieties.


2. There is a minimum amount of shank feathers required.

The Marans standard calls for lightly feather shanks and outer toes and does not specify a minimum amount of feathering.  Absence of feathering on shanks and toes would be a disqualification.  There can be too much feathering also.  For example I have heard folks say they should be feathered like Langshans and this is incorrect.  When you compare the two standards Marans call for lightly feathered and Langshans calls for feathered shanks and toes; indicating that Marans are to have a lesser amount of feathering on shanks and toes than Langshans.


3. You can cut off sprigs.

No.  This would be considered faking and if a judge sees where it has been done it's and automatic disqualification.  On page 30 in the Standard of Perfection under definition of faking reads in part: "Scar tissue giving evidence of cutting or trimming on any part of the comb, wattles or ear-lobes of any fowl" the exception would be those breeds that are required to be dubbed such as games.


4. Trimming or removing spurs.

 This is not addressed in the standard.  However, males who have had there spurs cut off seldom place well.  Spurs are like the horns of a cow in that they have bone inside for a core that the exterior is attached to.  If you have an older cock bird with long spurs it is preferable to twist them off rather than cut them.  Yes, it will bleed a little but not much and the exterior will grow back and be much shorter than it was before.  This procedure results in a perfectly normal looking spur.


5. Males/ Females are classified by weight as Cock / Cockerel or Hens/pullets

No.  Cock, Hen, Cockerel and Pullet is a reference to age. Cocks and Hens are birds more than one year old.  Cockerels and Pullets are birds less than one year old.  Standard weights are given as a guide to what birds are expected weigh and is not used to reference what they should be called.


What should my

     Marans profile be?

Below you will find the optimal side

profiles. Compare your birds and breed to

this ideal as you decided who to keep for

breeding this year.

Parts of a male:

 cock, cockerel

Proper Body Width

Narrow Body Width

Width between the legs determines egg size, meatiness of your fowl for table production, and negates poultry that will pass on genetic material producing nicely sized chicks and juveniles in the next generation.

Poultry Show Disqualifications

Ready to Show

Proper tail angle

for Marans

Squirrel Tail

Do not breed or show

Parts of a female:

 hen, pullet


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