Do they really lay those beautiful dark eggs?


The Marans breed originated in France in marshy areas close to the Atlantic coast. The breed is named after the historic port town of Marans. Evolution of the Marans type bird is said to have be-gun as early as the 13th century, with crosses between the local marsh hens and various game-cocks brought in to the port on ships. Gradual development of the breed then continued through the centuries, including the introduction of Brahma and Langshan blood during the late 1800s. Ma-rans in their modern form first began appearing in French poultry shows in 1914. The Marans Club of France was organized in 1929, and that club established the first standard for Marans in 1931.


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The hallmark

color of the Marans

egg is the result of intense dedication to this

incomparable breed...


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