Marans Chicken Club USA

In April of 2011, the American Poultry Association recognized the Black Copper
variety at Newnan, Georgia.

The Marans is now officially a recognized breed of the Continental Class, by the
American Poultry Association.

The Wheaten variety was recognized in October of 2011, at the Crossroads Show in
Indianapolis, Indiana.

The White variety was recognized in January of 2014, at the NEPC annual APA
National, in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

The Marans Chicken Club USA will continue to strive for additional variety
acceptance, and will support it's members in all their breeding efforts to fulfill this
goal, and the goal of breeding for the darkest egg color possible.
Who We Are:


President - Dean Jones        

Vice President - Public Relations/Education - Rip Stalvey     

Vice President - Poultry Shows  - F
ernando del Aguila Jr.

Vice President - Egg Shows -  Beverly Hall Robertson      

Treasurer - April Howington         

Secretary - Karen Roper Perry

Regional Directors:

Region 1 Northeast -  Jessica Reardon Klick  

Region 2 Southeast - Denise Jones

Region 3 North Central - Kelly Powers

Region 4 South Central - Sandy Hall Siegfried

Region 5 Western - Brian Parks             

Region 6 Canadian - Kathy Bauman

Youth Director - Casey Carter

Historian - Bev Davis
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A Marans hen must lay a number four
egg.   As the bird lays, the egg may lighten,
but goes back to being dark after a rest.
The Genetics of Egg Shell Color by Tim
Adkerson --  Brown egg color is polygenic
and can be affected by nutrition.......
click for
the full article....
A Review of Egg Color
The Marans Chicken Club USA was founded in
February of 2008
We are proud to be associated with the American
Poultry Association and the American Bantam